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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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when we got next week when we got the like of herman cain and so many other big guests coming back? i want to pass along the review. the single greatest election broadcast ever recorded, that was from, that would be from mary cavuto. any way, watch us. be there. >> eric: hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and bryan. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." a lot of news to get to today. first, is president obama putting our national security at risk by cutting tens of thousands of ground troops? what about the military families? will obama slashing the military hurt them? we'll talk about it. plus, who is the left wing media's favorite presidential candidate? well, abc jake tapper weighs in and bill o'reilly's fascinating interview with
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this sniper, the deadliest in history. he talks about killing savages in the middle east. we show you the highlights. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: our top story. our economy added 200,000 jobs in december. that is not good news. it takes twice that amount to get us out of obamaonocs. listen to obama take a victory lap and listen to what he credits with the turn-around. >> we are making progress. we are moving in the right direction. one of the reasons for this is the tax cut for working americans that we put in place last year. and when congress returns, they should extend the middle class tax cuts for all of this year, to make sure that we keep this recovery going. it's the right thing to do. >> eric: well, finally, liberals getting it through their thick skulls that tax cuts create jobs.
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but not so fast. your math doesn't add up. bring the whiteboard out and make sure i don't block dana's shot. here we go. obama's fuzzy math. the workforce, 153 million americans in the workforce. the unemployment rate in november and december went from 9% down to 8.5%. that is half of one percent. can you see it, brian? >> brian: now i can. >> eric: that should be 765,000 jobs created. november and december actual jobs created the number they published, 300,000 jobs. we're missing 465,000 jobs. either obama is a magician, or somehow they skewed the numbers. from my perspective, unemployment dropped last month in spite of president obama's so-called economic competence. not because of it. but bob, you must be in a good news today. 200,000 jobs. >> bob: we ought to rename the show the bolling board. any more you want to open up with?
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that was the longest read in history of "the five" right there. i know you have a big long opening like that. it's great news. it proves once again that this guy, that when he put his stimulus in effect, since then, we have been growing. a very difficult situation. it's getting better and better. here is the problem for republicans. if this continues, if the good news continues, five months of manufacturerring getting better. virtually every segment of the economy showing good news. they have much chance to get themselves a president in this year as i do of becoming a brain surgery. >> eric: anyone disagree with bob? >> brian: i'll say this. on the political front, republicans are walking a fine line. you don't want to be cheering against the economy and cheering against the country. at the same time, bob, you might be right. if the economy does get on track for whatever reason and you have the rich business background, i don't. i spent a lot of time hanging out when i shouldn't have and i took an extra gym class, and maybe i should haven't in retrospect. but what i'm trying to say is in the big picture, if the economy straightens out, that is the best talking point for
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mitt romney that could affect the election. >> eric: let me ask you. weigh in on this here. 15.2% is the unemployment number if you include people who took jobs just to put food on the table. not just the unemployed. >> brian: counting underemployed? >> eric: 20 million still underemployed or out of work. >> dana: i wouldn't say that the number was bad news. any increase is a good thing for americans and the country. but one of the numbers that i think is key is how many people decided to leave the workforce. discouraged workers who are deciding at this point right now, i'm just going to take a break, retire early or something. we have in our country what senator marco rubio called today the beginning of a deadbeat nation. when you don't have enough people working enough years to deal with our collective, thankfully our longer life expectancy, you have the longer range problems. my concern is the political expediency for month to month without any longer range plan for dealing with our entitlement problem, making sure we are more competitive
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and that we are set for the long haul with a stronger foundation. i don't think the republican candidates said that course necessarily yet. but i don't think it's probably going to be able to until they get through the primary fight. >> eric: important number. when obama took office, the average amount of time you stayed on um employment was 19 months. it is now over 40 months. more than double. surely with the availability of more unemployment benefits people are taking advantage of that and staying unemployed longer. >> kimberly: sure, it's not a simple problem. it's complex and there are many facets to it. overall, we are encouraged that the numbers are going in the right direction. bob is correct, if this continues to be situation that is favorable to the president with unemployment going down, with jobs being added back in the economy, we all know where we have a problem here of a recession but we need to do something serious. we won't be out of this for a long time. are we going in the right direction? you have to decipher why are we in fact going in the right direction? which policies specifically
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are helping us get there? obama could get re-elected if this continues. i'm just saying. >> bob: there are 3 million job wants ads in america today. they are not filled because people are not trained to do the jobs. there is a lot of them in high-tech and other things. in the end, one of the reasons that a lot of good jobs you talk about are left is not barack obama. it's the american business community. big corporations that have made the decision, and they've got a right to do that, to shift good jobs overseas for cheap labor. and so let me, let's make this clear. most of this unemployment is directly attributable to big corporations that have trillions of dollars in the bank and shipped jobs overseas. >> dana: that is an unbelievable statement. >> eric: you are 100% right. buff look at it this way, jeffrey immelt chairs obama's jobs council. another guy on the council is antonio perez, chairman of'sman kodak. between the two of them they shipped 55,000 jobs overseas
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while being ceos of those two companies. are these two guys, these two jokers, do you want them on your jobs council? >> brian: bob, i must think you find this frustrating. if that is the fact that you see the president sitting next to immelt and the guy from kodak, if the president not to acknowledge, republicans are not supporting immelt for the job czars and doing what he is doing, maybe have him explain what he is doing. doing what steve jobs said, that we have not changed the engineer to do it. >> bob: you are picking out two people. i would bet 90% of the fortune 500 companies ship jobs oversea. not just those on the council. >> kimberly: including the chevy volt. >> bob: let's dig deeper -- >> eric: because the tax rates are higher here, right? >> bob: they don't pay any more here than they do anyplace else. >> kimberly: dana has something. >> dana: i just feel like we are talking about pretty petty things. look overall.
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if we as conservatives believe in the free market, you are going to take your business where the consumer is and you you can get the best price to make the best possible product. then you let the competition decide. if that means that someone like kodak with technology that changes so rapidly can't survive, so be it. that is the way that -- i don't begrudge anyone for sending a job overseas if the better jobs are here. in fact, today, canada was looking to actually hire workers in america because our manufacturerring has gotten cheaper because of natural gas. my point on this is i think that president obama and his team practice what i call policy cannibalism. they say they want to do the things like create more manufacturerring jobs in the country, but then they prevent the pipeline from going through. they don't allow for the natural gas, shale oil type of work. and just today, the department of interior said they are going to restrict more mining. so we have all the thing thingst we could be doing in our country to create good long-term jobs. train the workers of the future. instead we are talking about the month-to-month job
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numbers. it's disservice as a country. >> eric: hold on. kimberly, weigh in. here is a montage of the candidates today reacting to the obviously good jobs numbers. watch. >> remember it was early in his administration he said look, if you let me borrow $787 billion, we'll be able to keep unemployment from going above 8%. well, it went past 8% and hasn't been back since. three years later. >> i'm very gratified to see in spite of president obama's policies that the job market is beginning to pick up a little bit. >> we created 200,000 new jobs last month. working with ronald reagan near n the early '80s, that formula led by august of 1983 to 1,300,000 jobs created in one month. six times the number they'll create this month. >> eric: all true. >> kimberly: well, look, we have ten months out until the election. we see the numbers that are improving. but again, we are far from home plate. okay?
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i think they are going to have a problem if they continue to climb, just the president on it saying he overall weakened the economy. yes. but if he is doing things that are improving it now that is counterproductive to the argument. >> bob: it is also true, go to dana's point here about the policy cannibalism. the fact of the matter is the world is a different place now. there are a lot more developed countries competing with the united states than there ever have been before. there will be more. we're not in the '60s, '70s, '80s. newt gingrich is bull on that. he forgets to say unemployment was 10.5% under ronald reagan. but the point is -- >> eric: at what point? >> bob: in 1982, it was 10.5%. >> eric: right. coming down from 13% on its way to 5%. >> bob: reagan took unemployment -- >> eric: over eight years brought it from 13 to 5%. b. i had to catch up with him in '84. i've been run over by that truck. >> kimberly: i see it. b. the but the world has changed. the numbers that we're talk about here have as much, virtually -- do you think any
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of the guys are going to create anything? listen to them. libe a convention. >> eric: enough. are you in a better mood? >> bob: i'm always in a good mood. >> eric: bad mood but we are going to get him in a good mood. i'm the one who should be angry. >> brian: look at what i found on my folder. on my folder. defiled by somebody. >> dana: it's actually true. >> kimberly: you have a red pen. you did it. i love a "csi" moment. >> eric: half a billion dollars down the drain on solyndra. billions wasted on the chevy volt. where will obama cut spending? military, of course. details coming up. also, don't forget to e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ welcome idaho,
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♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. welcome back to "the five." yesterday, president obama made a trip over to the pentagon across the river from the white house to make an
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announcement about his vision for our military. that is a diminished military. in the coming years. so i suppose, brian, we found out that we not only have a president of the united states, commander-in-chief, but also someone who can see the future. and the future is peace and harmony. >> kimberly: for the rest of our years. >> brian: this more than anything else has me worried. it make mess feel we don't understand or we're not elaborating on the fact because we have economic problems that there is truly danger in this world, north korea, south korea, iran the buildup that china is going through. what is america doing? as the stalwart of the western culture? we are cutting $500 billion from defense saying we don't have more money. we are now taking the gdp, the percent of the gdp, 4.5%. much lower than years past. we're cutting it in half. down to carter territory when the mill their was in a shambles. we have are asking the finist government institution to pay the price for inefficiency in every other area.
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>> dana: i will grant there is waste in every government department, including the department of defense. and many secretaries have tried to deal with it. including this current one. leon panetta. also the one before that, robert gates. max boot, columnist and expert on the military, he had testimony in congress last month and wrote in the commentary magazine and he went through how throughout the history, america after every single military situation has cut back its military and then not been ready to deal with the next issue. i asked some people today, experts not just people hanging around fox, experts in the military that on a scale of 1 to 10, how worried are you about the proposal? one of them said 17. because they're mostly worried about iran. eric, why wouldn't we have a plan to deal with entitlement spending but gut the military instead? >> eric: you are hitting the
5:18 pm
nail on the head. i misspoke in the "a" block. duration on unemployment went from 19 to 40 weeks. here is what we are doing, giving people a lot more time to stay on employment. billions of billions and billions cost of the budget. we'll cut $43 million out of the military budget. is this the smartest thing to do? why don't we cut back the entitlement fee, benefits down the line, if he goes line-by-line and let the military stay strong? >> dana: i kind of like it, to know where he stands on issue. what is his vision, hand is his plan? the department of defense is the only one aside from healthcare that i could actually discern. bob, does it concern you at all that this could become an election issue in which the republicans could actually win on something like this? >> bob: not at all. the republicans -- >> dana: really? >> bob: republicans owned national security issue since vietnam war and democrats got it back. they don't stand a chance on it. you talk about a vision and say gut the military.
5:19 pm
y'all are living in the military of the 1950s. we are no longer going to fight the soviet union. we don't need troops in europe. iran by the way is falling apart as we speak. leaving that aside, what he did, what he is saying here is that we are going to redirect our structure to the pacific where the real danger is. wait a second. just wait a second. since september 11, we have doubled the size of the military in this country. doubled in a decade. >> dana: why did we have have to do that? clinton gutted it in the first place. >> bob: i'm not going to argue you with on the stance in iraq. leaving that aside, and that money, the fact of the matter is we doubled the size of the military. eric, you say we have to cut the military and therefore you will lose government employees. it thought you want to get rid of the government employees. >> eric: yeah. let's cut the washington, d.c., let's cut those government employees. these poor veterans come back with something about 15% unemployment rate. >> kimberly: i'm very
5:20 pm
passionate about this issue. >> eric: you are young and you come back, 31%. if you are young and black and you come back, you are at 48% unemployment. >> kimberly: this is dangerously optimistic. i think this is something that is part of the overall american decline we will experience if this goes through. anybody who knows anything about the military, about the defense, about the needs we have for troops on the ground and military support knows that this is reckless. this is not a good idea. i cannot believe that leon panetta would stand up there for that period of time and make the comments that he did. i think they are trying to rely too much on predator drones and on cyber warfare type of stuff. you can't do that alone. >> bob: only person in favor of this is robert gates. >> dana: no. >> bob: some understanding about the military. >> brian: john f. kennedy's days it was 9% of gdp now. it's 4.5%. even with the increase that you discussed. in relation to the gdp. the we can't in a country of 330 million people, afford to
5:21 pm
pay 1.5 million soldiers, army, navy, marines, that is a travty. >> bob: first, we are in the middle of a mass i cold war and buildup for nuclear arsenal. by the way, vastly, we had many more than we need. leaving that aside. think about this for a second. all the military spending in the united states, veterans benefit, veterans hospital, pay out for military is larger than the rest of the world's military combined. >> dana: thank goodness. >> kimberly: yeah. >> bob: combined. that is outrageous. >> dana: in the last ten seconds, in the united kingdo kingdom, you could put the entire active military in one football stadium. that is not enough to defend freedom around the world. >> kimberly: good vision. >> dana: in my opinion. we're going to ask the administration for history book. think about the future. anyway, we'll move on to
5:22 pm
politics. coming up, mike huckabee says santorum could go all the way. but romney is up in the new poll in new hampshire and south carolina. the latest on the republican race. right after this break. ♪ ♪ whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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♪ >> bob: we're off the military and we're on to future combat. [ laughter ] new hampshire primary is next tuesday. if you didn't know that. there are new polls out. and candidates are campaigning aggressively. the granite state, as of now, some of them go on to south carolina. a new poll out, one that i always trusted in terms of new hampshire. that's the wmur poll. do we have that up? just out, this afternoon at 5:00. minutes ago. >> kimberly: love it. >> bob: you can see that romney holds a commanding, commanderring lead over ron paul second at 20%. 44-20% to 8% for rick santorum and 8% for newt gingrich. this poll was taken after the iowa caucuses, so it's fairly accurate. let me ask you, dana, looking at that. assume it's within four or five points of being accurate. >> dana: 3.9% margin of
5:27 pm
error. >> bob: assume that is correct. if you are the other side what do you do tomorrow with the the debate? >> dana: if you are santorum or ron paul? >> bob: yeah. what does it do to your debate strategy? >> dana: it's tough. at this point in the cycle last week before iowa, we did something on friday that 41% of the people are undecided going to iowa. i don't think it's true in new hampshire. they have to pull a rabbit out of their hat. there is a tricky thing, you don't want to be angry, you don't want to be too nice. you want to attack but don't want to destroy the other person unless you are newt gingrich, which could be interesting watching on saturday night. i'm going to pop some popcorn and get milk duds ready. >> bob: back-to-back debates. saturday night and sunday morning. >> brian: this is what i would do. this will impress you if you go on the campaign trail, you might want to make me an offer. if i am doing this debate, i am telling everyone not named mitt romney, talk to the people of south carolina. i don't -- new hampshire is
5:28 pm
lost. you are down by 24. if you are jon huntsman, pack up and i might not show up. he i thought would be registering in double figures by now. >> kimberly: brutal. >> bob: eric, if you win -- and he wins new hampshire big, right? that that is a lot of momentum. what happens to south carolina? >> eric: it's a race. you and andrea thinks it's over. if mitt romney wins, if he wins, this is bad for romney. why is this bad? the expectation is so high. if he comes in at 34%, he still wins by the margin and everyone goes wow, he really failed. that is a bad number for him. >> kimberly: yeah, a little spin over there from the d.j., eric. but let me tell you, the only way you look at this, this is great news. if i'm mitt romney, i am doing the dance right now saying everybody check me out. >> dana: imagine if he was? >> kimberly: the percept would go up from 44%. they think this guy has the spice to him. he is sitting in an amazing
5:29 pm
position right now. this is a january 5 sampling, poll number. we knew he was going to do well in new hampshire. thought maybe let's see what santorum gets, he did it. that is the problem. now you look at south carolina. and he is looking good there. >> dana: how is it possible that jon huntsman is not even on the list? he spends his time there. >> bob: good point. retail politics in new hampshire is more difficult than iowa. turn-out is higher. one thing to keep in mind last time of 2008, competitive democratic primary and competitive republican primary. new hampshire allows independents and democrats to cross over to republican primary if they want to do that. there is no democratic primary. who is getting the benefit of the more moderate electorate? i think it's romney. look at south carolina, we have a poll on south carolina. romney at 31%. santorum and gingrich at 24%. what is the difference between the two states?
5:30 pm
one is obvious. it's south carolina, they only allow the republicans to vote. reddest of red states. evangelicals. >> eric: social conservatives matters in south carolina. doesn't matter in new hampshire. that's a huge thing. if he doesn't get 44%. and santorum and newt do better than the 8 or number they are at, then you go to south carolina and they do better or win south carolina. >> kimberly: where is rick perry on here? >> dana: rick perry said on the night of the iowa vote said i'm going home to think about it. then half an hour later he says he's going for it in south carolina. he has every right to do that. but that surprises me. i would have thought he would have shown up on that. >> bob: i never figure that strategy out. going home to think about it. now going back -- >> brian: back story there. mitt romney at 31% where he didn't win a single county four years ago is a stalgeering number. the fact is if newt gingrich does not come out on top how
5:31 pm
do you keep mow men toum to florida. >> kimberly: or cash coming in. >> bob: i should say our own mike huckabee said santorum could go all the way. but who is the media favorite republican candidate? i hope it's none. jake tapper knows. we tell you what he said. jake tapper. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. we are four days away from the first primary of 2012. tonight on "special report," carl cameron in new hampshire, tells us about the growing momentum for rick santorum's campaign, as he makes rounds ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. we'll also look at rick santorum, the former pennsylvania senator. he has come from the bottom of the pack to a place of prominence, especially for conservatives. mike emanuel has that story. december jobs numbers are. we'll tell you what they are, what they mean and what is said about them. ed henry will report from the white house. there is good news from iran. u.s. navy rescued a dozen iranians held hostage by suspected somali pirates. catherine herridge will have details there. and in the grapevine, a certain presidential story rears its head again after months out of the spotlight. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five."
5:36 pm
♪ ♪ >> kimberly: oh, yes, bob singing on the side here. well, we have said it here time and time again. look at that face. just adorable. the mainstream media is in love with obama. but what about on the g.o.p. side? do they have a favorite candidate? well, abc news jake tapper told imus he thinks it's mitt romney. brian, do you agree with this statement? >> brian: he went on to say he represents the least horrible alternative. so in terms of the left wing media, i don't even know if they weighed in on this. i don't know where the question comes from. they're not in game. >> kimberly: no one knows. >> brian: they're not in the game. but there is something out there pushing mitt romney forward. there is an invisible force that keeps him afloat. i grew up on a lake and it's
5:37 pm
called a bobben when you fish. >> bob: poper. >> brian: romney stays up and that's why the abc guy -- >> kimberly: interesting analogy. thank you for that. >> brian: decides to say okay i guess the left wing likes them. >> dana: i think least hor seasonable what they mean. not that anyone in the media ever -- they really don't talk about their political views. and they might hold some and they might decide how they will vote. we know from the surveys they tend to lean left. but it's not like do you like mitt romney? if you had to choose, all the knuckleheads, which one would be the least objectionable to you? that is how -- >> kimberly: you used the dana decoder. >> dana: yes. >> kimberly: back by popular demand. mr. bolling, tell us how you grew up, please. >> eric: tell me who jake tapper is. it doesn't matter what tapper
5:38 pm
thinks but it matter what is karl rove thinks and ann coulter thinks. she thinks mitt romney is the most conservative for many reasons i can't list. it matter what is krauthammer thinks. those are the people who matter to me, especially being a g.o.p. nominee process. it doesn't matter what jake tapper thinks. >> kimberly: you don't care. >> eric: no. >> kimberly: what about overall for the media? that they would love mitt romney because he is a massachusetts moderate? >> eric: and they have the healthcare thing. >> bob: you sound like marr marilyn monroe at the j.t.k. birthday party. >> kimberly: did that excite you? >> bob: so excited i can almost not talk. i am convinced there is a force that says come over to south carolina. you know, they're up there reporting and they are not going to have anything to report if romney wraps this up. there is a little counterbalance to this. the other thing when talking about what really matters, i think romney has a real problem with the mormonism problem in south carolina.
5:39 pm
it will be more pronounced. you watch over the weekend, from the pulpit on sunday. south carolina, it matters a lot what they have to say. >> brian: how come he is winning? >> bob: he is not winning by much. poll in south carolina is 31% for romney, 24% for gingrich. now that is a close race. >> dana: winning by default. >> bob: but what i'm saying, one of the two will collapse. santorum or gingrich. there will be an automatic coalescing of the right around somebody. they are going to, that person is going to pick up a lot of votes. i don't think romney has got more than a third in south carolina. >> kimberly: if there hasn't been damage done by the infighting but we'll see. listen to this. >> hope and change. i thought there was an expectation that the president said this, he got elected, maybe it wouldn't be sitting around a campfire but the situation would improve. >> the president's promise was not just to change atmospherics, but to change
5:40 pm
the way washington did business. and to change it by working together. collaboratively with congress. and others in washington. to get people here to focus on challenges that they ignored for too long. that we ignored for too long. that included the need for wall street reform. the need for healthcare reform. >> kimberly: interesting comments. i can't tell you. but if you tickle me, you might. dana? >> dana: when bob says the reporters don't necessarily want this over in south carolina because they need something to talk about. that is also true for somebody at the white house. if you are in that position as press secretary, because all of the reporters there are talking about the 2012 election. you as the president's press secretary aren't really supposed to talk about the election so much. you're supposed to push that over to the campaign and focus on the business at hand. but it's really hard to do that unless you're disciplined to say i'm not doing that. call the campaign. next question. but it's hard to do in the briefing room.
5:41 pm
>> bob: i'm not trying to suck up here because i love her so much. if but i were the current press secretary take out tapes of tony snow and dana perino and realize what it means to have a short answer. dana didn't want to say this, because she said it in the break. she said the longest answer -- it was too long. >> dana: it was long. >> kimberly: it is too long. >> brian: can i talk about the message? >> kimberly: yes. >> brian: the message, bob, want your take on this. is there a problem with on sunday the president's strategy for re-election comes out. and he talks about turning up the attacks on congress and the campaign. then the question from ed henry about hope and change. oh, the president hasn't varied from that. unless you didn't get sunday's "new york times" and -- right. told them the strategy to get re-elected. you can't have hope and change and the same time say i'm not dealing with congress for a complete year. >> bob: this is going to be whether you like it or not, i tried to do change and tried to change the atmospherics and they wouldn't go along. they decided they'd rather see
5:42 pm
me beaten than the country move forward. that's why i couldn't do it. >> kimberly: here we go. my debate advice, you are the message. figure it out. you get five bonus points. exactly. you know me. i love the navy seals. bill o'reilly's interview with the seal last night, i saw it, not only did he punch out jesse ventura, but he is america's deadliest sniper. we have the highlights. it's next. ♪ ♪
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5:46 pm
♪ ♪ >> brian: welcome back to "the five." that's kimberly's voice in the background. we'll edit it out for the west coast. the most lethal sniper in history. he has 150 kills in the four tours in iraq. documents in a brand new book you have to get called "american sniper." last night he sat down with bill o'reilly to talk about his experiences. before we get into that, listen to what i think is his greatest take-down ever.
5:47 pm
>> why would you punch ventur ventura? >> it was in '06. it was the year we lost our first two seals in iraq. we came home, we lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar there in coranada. and he was there. he was there for a speaking engagement at a ceremony, graduating class. >> eric: because he was a seal, right? >> he was a navy seal. >> yes, sir. >> he was bad mouthing the war, right? >> bad mouthing the war, bad mouthing bush, bad mouthing america. >> brian: he wanted everyone to hear, he did this on the book tour, but it's a emarkable story. it gives the reality of war. something that came home to your house on a regular basis. i think books like this are so important. >> dana: it's so amazing because that world is very purposefully secretive and loyal. they don't talk a lot about it. this is a chance for all of to us see behind the curtain.
5:48 pm
what i think would be a great policy idea right now is to let's decrease the amount of military people we have. we have less people like that in the united states. that sounds like a great idea. >> brian: kill people from 2,000 yards away. when we get back, first watch this and then comment on it, eric. he talks about what he was thinking when he came to the enemy. listen. >> do you ever now looking back have any regrets at all about anything that you did? >> yes. the people i couldn't save. >> the americans you couldn't save? allied forces. >> the americans, local iraqis. anyone who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. >> that is your regret? >> yes, sir. >> you don't have post traumatic stress or anything like that? you know, that you killed so many human beings? that doesn't come back at you. >> none of my problems come from the people i killed. >> what struck me in the book, though, you considered the people you were killing, iraqis you were killing,
5:49 pm
quote/unquote, savages. >> the people i was killing. not just iraqis. >> why did you consider the enemy savages? >> from their actions. the way they lived day-to-day, as far as the violence they commit on american troops. the beheadings, the rape of innocent villagers and towns people they go into, just to intimidate them. >> brian: incredible story. i tell you what, eric, he went on to say he has been there four times and he thinks most of the iraqis wanted them there. it was just the savages/insurgents. >> eric: true american patriot hero. i have a 13-year-old son if he followed in his footsteps and did 151, i'd be thrilled and proud of him. jesse ventura, i have had run-ins with him before. he has issue with 9/11 truthers and bush. i asked him about it and got up and stood in my face. i'm sure something like that happened. and this guy decked him. good for you, kyle. thumbs up. >> dana: didn't censure ra move to mex -- ventura move to
5:50 pm
mexico? >> brian: he came back. >> kimberly: but he ran into a bunch. you know a lot of them and i do, they say, they research and study the enemy, track them and find out a lot of intel before they even go in and target somebody. they say when you see the type of things that the people do, the atrocities they commit in terms of the crime, i guess their own people, against women, children, against americans, you have no hesitation or thought process that calls to you in -- halts you in what you are doing. you know you are saying lives. >> bob: jesse ventura, a testament to steroid use. having done it myself, it's -- that, he was a big weight lifter and used steroids. he clearly -- >> kimberly: went to his head. >> bob: one thing i wonder about this guy kyle is he not exposing himself by coming out? >> brian: interesting. >> bob: being made public like that? somebody gets revenge on him? >> brian: i think you're right. he doesn't talk about where he is living.
5:51 pm
he talks about where he grew up. he was a target, known as the devil insurgent. >> kimberly: bounty on him. >> brian: i asked what it's like to have a bounty on him, he said i thought it was a tremendous honor. >> dana: did you read the book? >> brian: i did. >> dana: if you are a parent how do you relp raise a child -- help raise a child be like that? >> brian: he had two hardworking parents, farmers, even jal call christian -- evaevangelicals christians. his dad's big regret he couldn't serve and he served in his memory. this book also chronicles the wife behind, the family. >> kimberly: i was going to say. they are so important. >> brian: they had the moments on the coffee table where they said listen, do we want to stay together? he is away four times. he doesn't know if he will live or die and it fractures families. >> bob: that raises my question more. they know about his family. right? they're in hiding. 'canes i have a feeling he -- >> dana: i have a feeling he
5:52 pm
can take them. >> brian: if anyone can survive it's him. >> kimberly: don't forget the navy seal foundation that takes care of the family members. >> brian: if you are a navy seal and retire before 20 years, you get nothing. if you do after 20 years you get the same amount as someone in the band. navy seal. >> bob: dana and i were making that noise, because she has a threat. navy seals. >> brian: save yourself again. >> kimberly: the boflex commercial. >> brian: are they in boflex commercials? eight minutes now before the top of the hour. one more thing is next. it's my one more thing? no. i forgot. it forgot. sorry. forgive me this time. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: whoever did the muse thick week, fantastic. >> eric: time for our personal favorite segment, most stressful segment of the day for us. you have to come up with something. >> kimberly: it is. >> dana: i was so stressed because i couldn't think of anything today.
5:57 pm
i talked to a friend about the military cuts issue i said hey, by the way, do you have any ideas for one more thing today? i don't have anything. he said i was heart broke on the find out that justin timberlake and jess is a biehl broke up today. >> brian: they broke up? >> eric: >> dana: and so, to me, i know nothing about popular culture. so the producers today i sent in one more thing and said i'm heart broken they broke up. they're like wow! we can only find an article that says they got engaged. so i got caught in my own little thing. >> bob: that good looking woman is marrying that dude? >> dana: yeah, a lot of women are upset about it. >> bob: borrowed eric's famous board here. i want to say here it is. just read that. that is 1.4 -- bring it, please. you do it for eric. 1.4 million jobs created since barack obama's first started on the stimulus bill. fine. i want to say to everybody
5:58 pm
welcome to the barack obama recovery. >> dana: finally. >> bob: goodbye to the republican presidential candidate. >> eric: kimberly, one more thing. >> kimberly: i am bob's official tutor, will work for snacks in the green room. you messed it up with this. i didn't do. i'm available for tutoring. don't consider this my penma penmanship. lost a leg here. we are going to fix the 4, so i'm still for hire. >> bob: one more thing? >> kimberly: that was it. thank you for noticing. >> brian: my one more thing, 43-year-old curt angle olympic champion came on the show and he won professional wrestling but he wants to go to the olympics. it tested him out to see if he has what it takes. i wrestled him and this is how it went down. itch had him early and later on he would break free and rally. later, he would pick me up. >> dana: serious? >> brian: a little bit. he could have broken my head open. but that would leave too much
5:59 pm
responsibility for producing and gretchen. >> dana: that held you back. >> bob: you said later? it was three seconds. >> dana: thank you. >> brian: i was losing 7-nothing in nine seconds. >> eric: but that is not the only time you lost in a competition on "fox and friends." roll my one more thing. >> kimberly: you have two? [ laughter ] >> brian: you cheated. nobody talks about this. it was how quickly you can get into a wet suit. >> eric: we're both getting in a wet suit. >> brian: i can't get my other arm. >> kimberly: this is ridiculous right now. you ought to be embarrassed. >> brian: bolling is getting help! >> eric: stop it. you were getting help, too. >> brian: do i look like i'm getting help? >> eric: roll around like a fish. >> eric: i go to help you, and you push me away.


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